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I love working with Neelu. She is a thoroughly knowledgeable programmer, plus she has an excellent design eye. Best of all, she plays an active role in helping to define the best way to communicate through design and user experience. She always goes above and beyond her job, and does whatever she can to help the team create the best product possible. -- Frank Clark, Principal & Creative Director of Square Tomato

It is always a pleasure to work with Neelu, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second before endorsing her work. She is quick to respond, incredibly knowledgeable, and when she doesn't already have the answer up her sleeve, she has the initiative to figure it out on her own. Compared to many other developers, who tend to view themselves in a more passive role, Neelu brings her own design sense to the table and isn't shy about sharing her feedback and offering new solutions. -- Katie Sharrow-Reabe, Production & Traffic Director at Square Tomato

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